New Year’s Resolutions

I think its strange how one day can be perceived as so different from any other day, that this day in particular motivates people all around the world to reflect on their lives and work to improve themselves. It’s a very powerful thing and I wish we had more days like this because everyone has highs and lows, and motivation when you’re in a low spot is important for getting out of it. So what better way to get motivated than with a set of New Year’s resolutions!

Last year definitely marked a big change in my life, I became vegan, I cut ties with people that weren’t good for me, I started university, I met some great people, I quit university hahah, I struggled finding a day job to go with my casual night job but most importantly I discovered so much about myself and the person that I want to be. Oh! And I started this blog :P. 2016 was quite a hard year internally for me, I made a lot of life changing decisions which were not easy because I have to be one of THE most indecisive people out there hahah but I’ve made them and I’m happy with them and this year I am going to live them. If anyone else had a tough year last year then learn from it and grow from it because, for the most part, I do believe in the saying that “everything happens for a reason”. If you lost your job, maybe if was to make way for a better job. If your partner broke up with you, maybe they weren’t meant for you and now you have time to be with the people that value you as much as you value them. There’s always a silver lining even if its sometimes practically impossible to see. So try your best to move on and be in the present rather than the past (something that I struggle with too). One of the best ways that helps me to organise my life is by creating lists and so without further ado these are my 16 New Year’s resolutions;

  1. Become a greater part of the vegan community
  2. Connect with other bloggers
  3. Do more charity work
  4. Finish my new uni course
  5. Say ‘yes’ to more things, BUT
  6. Don’t settle for less than i deserve (esp. relationships)
  7. Personalise my new bedroom
  8. Get my driver’s license (Side note; I HATE driving)
  9. Go to a proper yoga class
  10. Go on more adventures
  11. Go easier on myself
  12. Continue to think positively
  13. Take more baths to de-stress
  14. Face a fear, eg. heights, so maybe sky-diving or bungee jumping, eeeek
  15. Take time out when I’m upset at someone rather than say something in the heat of the moment that I might regret
  16. Plan more and follow through with my plans